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Zeal Free Range Beef Fillets Treats for Dog

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Zeal Pet Food was founded in 1999 by Harjit Sidhu, with the vision to provide a sustainable and holistic business approach in every aspect of the company. From procurement through to production, the final product and our customers, their focus is about providing environmentally friendly consumer and production cycles.

1) Wholesome, trustworthy and traceable to source. Locally sourced 100% natural ingredients
2) Handmade at the Auckland factory from premium New Zealand free range meats and wild caught seafood
3) Direct access to pastoral (free range/grass fed) farming of beef, sheep, venison, and dairy
4) Absolutely NO colourings, flavours, additives or preservatives used in the manufacturing process

5) Chewing on Zeal® Pet Treat will help to remove plaque and tartar

Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stage: All Stages
Made In: New Zealand
Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Veal Beef Jerky
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