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Nexgard Flav Chew 2-4kg Dog SMALL – 3s / Orange

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NexGard Chewable Tablets for Dogs is designed to prevent flea infestations by killing adult fleas even before they lay eggs.
It can also control and treat tick infestations. NexGard contains afoxolaner which is absorbed into the bloodstream after ingestion. When fleas and ticks ingest blood containing afoxolaner, it causes hyperexcitation and death in these parasites. The tablet comes in a soft, beef-flavored chew that makes it more enticing to consume. Each tablet kills fleas and ticks, and offers protection for a month. It can be used on puppies from 8 weeks old, weighing at least 4 pounds (1.8kg).
– For dogs 2 to 4kg
– Contains afoxolaner which kills fleas and ticks
– Helps control infestations
– Features a beef flavor to entice dogs
– Each tablet offers one month of protection.
Each NexGard chew is formulated to provide a minimum afoxolaner dosage of 2.5 mg/kg (1.14 mg/lb). Each chew contains 2.27% w/w of afoxolaner.

For small dogs (2-4 kg) each chew contains 11 mg

6 tablets

Usage Guidelines:

For dogs 2-4 kg, NexGard is given orally once a month, at the minimum dosage of 1.14 mg/lb (2.5 mg/kg). Most dogs readily take the palatable chew, so there is no need to hide it in the food. Afoxolaner plasma levels are the same regardless of whether NexGard is given with our without food.
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