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KONG Classic XL

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KONG Classic XL

Kong Classic key benefits:

  • Cognitive stimulation: the Kong Classic is a mentally stimulating toy due to its irregular shape and erratic jump that will challenge your dog. It also helps satisfy your dog’s instinctive needs.
  • Physical stimulation: the Kong Classic helps to meet the exercise needs of your active dog. It helps them jump and run, improving their physical condition.
  • Average chewers: the Kong Classic is made of natural red rubber, and it’s suitable for your average chewer at home.
  • Fun playtime: due to its unpredictable bounce, the Kong Classic is perfect for games of fetch without hurting your dog’s mouth. Since it keeps your dog entertained for long periods of time, this toy helps to reduce separation anxiety and avoid boredom.
  • Dental health: its shape and texture help clean teeth and gums, promoting your dog’s dental health.
  • Fill it with treats!: you can also fill the Kong Classic with treats and snacks, keeping your doggo entertained for a long time.
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