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Acana Wild Coast – 11.4kg

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Acana Wild Coast – 11.4kg

Acana Wild Coast is a feed for adult dogs of any breed. This complete diet includes a high amount of protein and low levels of carbohydrates, providing your pet with all the energy it needs to strengthen its joints and muscles.

The preparation of this dog food includes proteins such as herring, sole and silver hake, accompanied by vegetables and fruit, which are another important component to strengthen its immune system and provides your dog with fiber to improve its digestion.

Also, this food provides the amount of essential fatty acids such as omega 3, DHA and EPA that your pet needs for its coat to grow strong and shiny, and for its skin to be healthy and well hydrated.


Protects the coat and skin

Supports digestion

Strengthens the immune system


Protein-rich food for adult dogs of any breed

Contains 50% fish

Includes vitamin E, zinc and copper

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